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Olivia and Daddy go hiking

We went on a short geocaching trip and Olivia did her Bear Grylls impersonation on the way home! Share and Enjoy:

Connor and Zach do some fightin’

Visti from the Webers

Last weekend we were treated to a visit from Jerry, Tiffany, and Cadence Weber.  Jerry and Tom were stationed together at McClellan AFB in Sacramento, CA.  The last time we were together was in 1994 – before either couple had kiddos!  We...
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Jim, Lisa, and the kids

We have company!  My bro Jim, his wife Lisa, and Heather, Lauren & James just arrived from SC.  They’ll hang with us for a few days before heading back home.  Today we chilled out by the pool.  Santa Monica Pier and Disneyland are on...
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Connor Rappelling

Connor shows off his elite rappelling skills at Camp San Luis Obispo. He was at camp for 12 days. During the parent/cadet BBQ, some of the kids gave us a nice show. Share and Enjoy: